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"The business world is documented in contracts."

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or launching your first startup, contracts play a critical role in your operation. Internally, they provide structure and demonstrate your firm's commitment to good business practices. Externally, they provide clarity and accountability for vendors and clients. Most importantly, they serve to protect both parties' interests by establishing expectations for how each transaction should be handled. 

Over the years, we have supported clients in nearly every industry to design, review, and implement business agreements. From Information Technology (IT) and Defense Contracting, to Construction, to Marketing, Medical, and more - we have analyzed thousands of deals and advised hundreds of business owners. This constant exposure to diverse industries and emerging business trends provides us with deep insights, which we leverage to strengthen your operation, reduce risks, and increase your potential for success.  

  • Will stronger contracts bring you closer to success?

  • Are your assets and intellectual property worth protecting?
  • Are you ready for better business structure and lower risk? 

If you answered "Yes" -->

Our team merges business expertise with legal & transactional insights to bring you tailored solutions with that "in-house counsel" feel.

We analyze contracts to protect our clients' legal and financial interests. Through identifying risks, revising unfavorable terms, and creating a balanced transaction, each party can be better prepared to perform their obligations. In case of a breach, the parties will also have more clarity.

Drafting contracts is a collaborative and detail-oriented process. We start by understanding your needs and concerns (a discovery process); then our team designs a contracting tool to match your business model, level of risk and complexity. When finished, we review with you and provide guidance.

All successful deals require a certain degree of advance planning. We work with business owners and leadership teams to anticipate risks, performance, requirements, compliance obligations, and other technicalities that often arise in more sophisticated transactions. In doing so, our clients are more prepared for the unexpected.

Here's how we can help:

Legal Review

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Where do we begin?

Send us a message, reach out via social media, or give us a call. 


During our initial call, we discuss your objectives, identify your legal needs, and see if we are a good fit.  From there, it's just a question of how soon we can begin, and what deadlines you are working with. Based on your need, we can often turn around (i.e., review) contracts in several days. 

And if you're still not sure, just give us a call: (843) 474-0717. We've seen it all, and our discussions are confidential.

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When it comes to your business, why guess?

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