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“General counsel play a special role: they are the go-to advisors for CEOs and boards on laws and regulations as well as public policy, ethics, and risk. With broader knowledge and skills, general counsel participate in leadership discussions of complex problems and creative solutions.”       - Korn Ferry

General Counsel for your business

General Counsel means more than access to an attorney. Keep in mind: the practice of law (much like medicine) has many disciplines (e.g., Family, Criminal, Estate, Securities, Bankruptcy, Tax, and of course Business law, among many others).  Having a healthy working relationship with an experienced business attorney means real-time support, strategic insight from a legal perspective, and most importantly - tangible solutions for your business. 

As general counsel, Alex Juncu advises, analyzes and advances your company’s operational needs while promoting leadership development and strategic growth. GC activities include:

For Small to Mid-sided Organizations

  • Reviewing commercial contracts

  • Handling negotiations and dispute resolutions

  • Performing risk audits and providing decision makers with findings.

  • Crafting specialized documents for particular business purposes

  • Preparing for the sale of a business 

  • Evaluating due diligence documents

  • Strengthening decisions by leveraging risk-reduction techniques.

  • Reinforcing business operations by implementing compliance-based principles. 

For Larger Organizations

  • Creation & maintenance of Working Contracts and Business Policies.

  • Compliance-based Corporate Governance and Operational Guidance.

  • Objective Analysis of problems from a legal/risk perspective.

  • Developing a Corporate Approach that reconciles Business decisions & Legal requirements.

  • Legal Research & Guidance on emerging concerns and industry developments.

  • Compliance Audit support and Systematic Process Documentation.

  • Guidance for Senior Executive Team.

Lasting Contributions

General Counsel collaborates with your senior management team on:

  Business Deals

  • Examines deals from all sides, considering legal and business probabilities.

  • Facilitates business transactions & recognize Risk.

  • Documents Negotiations to maintain deal integrity and cadence. 

  Daily Operations

  • ​Identifies missing processes & provide guidance for best practices.

  • Supports management team through complex regulatory implementations.

  • Collaborates with outside experts to verify/expedite necessary changes. 

  Risk Mitigation

  • Priority 1: Develops corrective plans of action for Known risks. 

  • Priority 2: Anticipates Future risks based on feedback and assessments. 

  • Identifies solutions to enhance oversight and promote improvement.

  Disputes & Conflict Resolution

  • ​Recognizes Disputes before it’s too late.

  • Coordinates strategic responses to high-risk events.

  • Recommends permissibleremedies to cure existing problems.

Custom-Crafted Legal Solutions 

Our law practice focuses on tailored, personalized legal counsel and practical business law support. We spend time getting to know your company’s goals and problems so we can best provide the help and guidance you need when you need it.  We offer solutions and explanations, never boilerplate suggestions or form responses.​ By providing context and discussing the background of similar transactions, we help you understand which route is best for your business.

We provide outside counsel to companies seeking a trusted adviser, objective feedback, and innovative approaches to recurring problems. We also work closely with seasoned professionals in complementary fields (such as CPAs, Investment Advisors, Brokers, HR Firms and more) to quickly provide you with the resources and knowledge you need. 

Together, we make business better. ​

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