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Contracts +

Contracts Review, Litigation Prevention,

Breach Response, Pre-Legal Advising,

Drafting & Audit of Legal Documents 

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Contracts are the lifeblood of every transaction. They provide the structure and expectations that hold each party accountable to perform their obligations. However, when contracts are incomplete, imbalanced, or even illegal, costly/stressful conflicts often arise. We work with you to help you understand not only the requirements of your legal document, but also the implications and magnitude of a failure to perform. This way, you remain in control to make strategic, informed decisions. To settle, negotiate, or litigate - it starts with a thorough legal analysis of your contract.  We can help. 

Business Law

From Formation to Operations: 

Solutions for New and Established businesses.

Business Law is broad, but its purposes are clear: Protect the Company, Protect the Owners, Limit liability, and Fortify Operations. To do so successfully requires an integrated approach and a strong understanding of business principles. With this insight, we analyze each unique business model, specific objectives (short and long-term), and craft custom solutions that both satisfy the law and bring value to your organization.  Learn more...

Dispute Resolution

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is an efficient,

cost-effective option to avoid lengthy litigation. If

resolution is your goal, ADR works.

As the legal and business world continue to increase in complexity, corresponding problems and disputes also grow in frequency. If you or your business anticipate a legal dispute brewing, do not wait. Oftentimes, your Pre-litigation response is MORE critical than defending the actual dispute itself. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides parties with a fair opportunity to resolve their differences, before an experienced neutral, without expensive litigation or years of court proceedings. In South Carolina, ADR is a court-mandated requirement before litigation begins, and can lead to faster recovery and resolution for all parties. Let's discuss... 


The gray area between Regulatory Requirements and the Daily Operations of your business. 


We Navigate the Gray to Keep you in the Black.

Compliance is a subset of business law that serves to achieve five critical and protective functions: ​

  1. Identify risks faced by an organization  (identification)

  2. Design & implement controls to offset those risks (prevention)

  3. Monitor & report on their effectiveness (monitoring/detection)

  4. Resolve compliance difficulties as they occur (resolution)

  5. Advise the business on rules and controls (advisory)

We provide legal structure and advisory support to assist our clients through compliance problems, reduce their liability exposure, and formalize operations. Does this apply to you? 



Contracting Life Cycle Advising

(Pre-Capture to Contract Closeout)

With the right technical skills, Contracting with the federal government can be very rewarding. However, extensive regulatory and procedural requirements can stand between the contracts you win and the services you must (contractually) deliver. Having managed this process start-to-finish for nearly 10 years, we have the legal, business, and financial experience to guide you through it. Before a Solicitation or after an Award, we can reassure that you start, execute, and deliver compliantly, to earn acceptable CPARS and Past Performance.  Learn more...