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Mia Horne
Operations Manager & Business Analyst 

Mia Horne is a seasoned business analyst and operations advisor. With more than 10 years in corporate data management and business planning, she joined the JuncuLegal team in early 2020 to focus on our clients’ growth initiatives. Her support has proven invaluable during these disruptive times.  


In addition to helping clients to streamline their operations and reduce risk, Mia routinely dedicates her time to business process audits, industry research, and corrective action support. Along with Attorney Alex Juncu, she supports clients to implement better contracting strategies, train employees, and leverage existing resources to drive improvement. Coupled with compliance-focused data gathering and insightful reporting, these activities serve our clients largely by revealing hidden dangers and creating more informed business decisions.


Mia has a deep appreciation and passion for helping small & mid-size business owners who constantly strive to accelerate in their markets. Before joining our team, Mia developed and maintained retail partnerships with global and national companies such as Target, Walmart, Kohls, Dollar General, and Rite-Aid in multi-million-dollar accounts. 


Mia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of South Carolina. Outside of work, Mia enjoys spending time outdoors and with family, reading about new retail business trends, and supporting the local community. 


Mia strengthens the JuncuLegal team by highlighting the meaningful connection between our clients’ business data management, compliance reporting, process improvement, and risk mitigation.  

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