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Contracts | Business Law | Compliance

Law Office of Alexandru Juncu

Anticipate. Educate. Mitigate.

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The Role of General Counsel 

Effective Contracts

Business Policies

Corporate Governance

Operational Guidance based on Compliance 

Support as your business Grows & Scales

Support for your Senior Executive Team

Address existing problems and anticipate Future risks 

Objectively analyzing problems and providing a legal perspective 

Identify the connection/dependencies between business decisions and legal requirements. 

Doing business with the

Federal, State, or Local 


  • Designing and executing complex business transactions

  • Startup planning, formation, and scaling guidance

  • Company governance and partnership counseling

  • Specialty contract Drafting 

  • Legal review, Due diligence & Opinions

  • Buying & Selling a business

  • Streamlining business operations; best practices advising

  • Performing compliance and risk audits

  • Coordinating with other professional advisors

  • Dispute resolution, Settlements, Negotiations, and more.

By design smart transaction tools, we become more than just advisors


create tangible improvement for our clients. 


What is the true cost of conflict to a business?


Is it ever "just" a breach of contract?

It may seem like just a "breach of contract" on paper, but in reality, it creates other problems.


Disruption. Fear. Delay. These affect both productivity and profitability


Our philosophy is that the best solution is to avoid the problem altogether. Of course, this is not always possible, but we can certainly help you mitigate when things go south. 

We place great emphasis on . This can only happen effectively by  

Why a General Counsel Can Be Better than Outsourcing

There are a lot of attorneys out there -- and various websites that seemingly offer low-cost legal guidance for problems that may arise. But, a General Counsel goes above and beyond, not just responding to problems, but anticipating where you need protection to save money and headaches down the line.

Alexandru Juncu Law was established to build relationships with clients, so the experience is never transactional and we don’t have to waste time getting acquainted.  Those existing relationships help save money and bring customized solutions. Communication lines remain open. We give the pointed solutions you need by understanding how you as a strategic decision-maker and stakeholder run your business.


Why Alexandru Juncu Law?

Attorney Alexandru Juncu has served as both In-House and Outside Counsel to corporations and small businesses alike. In addition to his legal role, throughout his career he has also served in financial, contracts, business development, and program planning capacities.

After ten years supporting the Department of Defense Information Technology private sector in various contracts, finance and executive capacities, Alex built his legal practice with several goals in mind: to help clients understand contractual transactions, protect their businesses, overcome complex problems, and navigate regulatory hurdles. He employs a combination of legal review, business case analysis, and objective project planning to create unique solutions for each case.


We support our clients :

  • Handling negotiations and dispute resolutions

  • Reviewing commercial contracts

  • Crafting specialized documents for particular business purposes

  • Preparing for the sale of a business 

  • Evaluating due diligence documents

  • Strengthening decisions by leveraging risk-reduction techniques.

  • Performing risk audits and providing decision makers with findings.

  • Reinforcing business operations by implementing compliance-based principles. 

  • We provide outside counsel to companies seeking a trusted advisor, objective feedback, and innovative approaches to recurring problems. 

    • we also ​serve as _____ FRACTIONAL LEGAL COUNSEL??? for growing co's who desire on-going legal and business law support, without the financial burden of a full-time in-house attorney.

  • Our goal is to provide your company with well-thought, pointed solutions. We dedicate time to understand not just your business but also you as a strategics, decision-maker, and stakeholder. How you run your business is just as important as how 

  • We also work closely with seasoned professionals in complementary fields (such as CPAs, Investment Advisors, Brokers, HR Firms and more) to quickly provide you with resources appropriate for your needs. Together, we solve problems better. 

  • Existing relationship helps SAVE money AND brings customized solutions. 

    • When we know your business, ​we don't have to waste time getting acquainted. 

    • Communication lines remain open. 

    • And we give you the pointed solutions you need, (without the need to keep for an in-house resource)

  • Examine deals from all sides

  • If you are considering a new deal, we help you identify and minimize potential risks

  • We do not look only at the legal aspects. We focus on the business components as well. Everything must work together

  • We offer solutions AND Explanations, -never boilerplate ____suggestions.​

  • By providing context and discussing the background of similar transactions occurred, we help you understand which route might be most suitable for your business

  • We facilitate NEGOTIATIONS and DOCUMENT the transaction along the way. This helps keep things on track, and ensures efficiency as we move together toward closing a deal.

  • We support our clients :

    • ​during negotiations

    • through dispute resolutions

    • Reviewing commercial contracts

    • crafting specialized documents for particular business purposes

    • preparing for the sale of their business 

    • evaluating due diligence documents

    • strengthening their business decisions by leveraging risk-reduction techniques.

    • Performing risk audits and providing decision makers with findings.

    • Reviewing and updating corporate documentation to reflect changes in business or ownership. 

    • Reinforcing their business operations by implementing compliance-based principles. 

    • Increased operational oversight, employee feedback, and often efficiency. 

Attorney Alex Juncu has served as both In-House and Outside Counsel to corporations and small businesses alike. In addition to his legal role, he has also served in roles as Director of Contracts, Financial Analyst, Program Manager, Vice President, and Compliance Officer. Over the years, Alex has ___ in Information Technology, Manufacturing, 

Contracts & Business Agreements 

Subcontract management

First prime contract Award?

Compliance and Policy Review

Legal Opinions and Research

Violations and Risk Mitigation

  • contract negotiations and change orders with contracting officers and COTRs

  • requirements gathering for New and established contracts

  • Prime contract requirements of assessment

  • RFP Capture planning

  • Solicitation response and coordination support

  • Contract lifecycle management

Documents and Blurred Business Men
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